CNC Machining and Prototyping, Rapid prototype company

CNC Prototyping

CNC machined parts are optimal for one-off custom parts and are available in virtually any material directly from your 3D data. The result is real parts, Really fast. When you need to hold tight tolerance (+/-0.05mm), and when you must have your parts in a specific material, such as the production plastic or metal.

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Clear Acrylic Plastic Prototypes

Clear Plastic Machining

CNC and Vacuum casting techniques all can produce clear parts. For CNC machining offering the possibility of using acrylic or PC materials. Hand polishing, Flame polishing and Vapor polishing ensures a very high level of optical clarity whilst retaining good dimensional control.

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Aluminum Protoyping and Processing

CNC Aluminium Machining

WayKen CNC can help you create aluminum parts with our experienced staff of project engineers and machinists to meet your design specifications. We have developed an efficient, accurate and cost effective process. We can also supply secondary and finishing operations like anodizing, heat treating, and polishing.

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Concept Models

Concept Model

Concept models help to verify design, ergonomics and function, elements that can’t always be assessed in a CAD drawing. WayKen 's technologies allow you to quickly simulate products during all phases of the design process for visual evaluation of features, shape, functionality and overall look and feel.

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Functional Prototypes

Functional Prototype

Functional prototypes let you discover performance issues and correct them before you invest in product tooling and manufacturing. These prototypes help you evaluate an assembly’s function and performance in its intended environment, Prove and perfect your designs with precise testing.

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Vaccum Urethane Casting

Urethane Vacuum Casting

When multiple parts are needed, RTV tooling and vacuum casting can be used to fill the gap between prototype and production, offering a wide variety of materials to facilitate the creation of cast urethane parts, typically for market testing, pre-production evaluation and low volume production.

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WayKen is A Rapid Prototype manufacturing Company, established in Hong Kong . The Factory is Located in ShenZhen, China. Our 20,000 square feet facilities provide a state of the art workplace for over 60 employees. Included 2 independent factories of Plastic Prototype and Metal Machining.

When it comes to sourcing A Prototype in China, WayKen is Among the Country’s Most Experienced manufacturing providers, with Services Including Plastic Prototype Machining, CNC Aluminum Machining, Urethane Vacuum Casting and Rapid Tooling. Our clients include companies in the design, Consumer, Commercial, industrial, medical, automotive and aerospace industries. WayKen’s Prototype Machine shop Offers only low-cost, top quality Production Services and products Delivered on time!

At WayKen, we value Our ​​Customer relationships and are Dedicated to Offering fast, efficient and rapid prototyping Product manufacturing solutions across A Wide range of Industry Sectors. All customers receive rapid quote turnaround, a dedicated project team and ongoing support and advice from a designated sales contact.


Our clients include companies in the Design, Consumer , Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Automotive and Aerospace.  WayKen prototype company in China offers  only  low-cost,  top quality prototype services and products delivered on time!
Between English and Chinese, between the sales reps and clients, between the designers and engineers, and between the project managers and model makers. Our technical sales team pay attention to every detail of communication and they interface with you so that there are no surprises.


Quality Rapid Prototype Manufacturing and CNC Aluminum Machining demands the latest technology, managed by tight process controls. At WayKen, we pioneered this approach and built it into our culture. WayKen is equipped with high precision, high efficiency equipment and with more than 20 years of experience, our machine shop is the best choice for prototype manufacturing services.


High quality models delivered within the specified time frame is of primary importance. Our highly skilled and experienced model makers ensure that the customers’ prototype model is finished to the highest standard every time at no additional cost to the customer. We strive for consistent, first piece, in process and final inspections to ensure that quality is designed into every part we make, right from the beginning. Adherence to quality standards is no longer a guideline. It’s an expectation.