Low-Volume Production & Rapid Tooling

In many specialised industries such as automotive, medical and healthcare and customised products, annual production volume does not justify the expense of tooling. Low volume production runs from WayKen allow manufacturers to ship products earlier and to produce high-quality products at a lower overall cost. With limited prototype to production runs, design modification can be incorporated at a fraction of the time and cost associated with changing production tooling.

Some products’ success pivots on how quickly you can get to market. When time is critical, WayKens’ CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting and technologies can provide fast low volume production of your product. These technologies offer virtually every engineering material including thermoplastic, aluminium and advanced formula polymers. They can be used as a bridge to rapid tooling and molding or can be used in market studies for new design iterations. WayKens’ expert finishers can finish parts to such a high quality that they look, feel and function like the final product.

Many rapid prototyping processes are great for testing form and fit, but there is simply no substitute for testing with the real injection molded parts and material. Injection molding enables you to receive parts quickly and inexpensively when your production tooling will not be ready for months. Our team uses various materials and techniques to create bridge tooling for prototype to production testing and evaluation. We provide low volume injection molding and rapid tooling to create your material parts in as little as two to three weeks. If you’re ready for production, utilise our injection molding presses, EDM, high speed machining and large array of materials. By providing injection molding and rapid Tooling together, you Get intricate and complex Parts Quickly and more at A reduced price.


Shipping products when tooling is delayed
Producing high-quality products in limited quantities
Accelerating the delivery of product revisions
Producing customised products
First-to-market prototype to production

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