Prototype Development & Early Market Research

Product prototype development help design teams make better informed decisions.If a well thought out prototype productions strategy is followed, there is a far greater chance that the product will be introduced to the market on time, be accepted, perform reliably and be profitable.

Rapid product development success pivots on how quickly you can get to market. When time is critical, WayKens’ CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting and Rapid Injection Molding technologies can create prototype productions of your product. They can be used as a bridge to tooling and molding or can be used in market studies for new design iterations. WayKens’ expert finishers can finish parts to such a high quality that they look, feel and function like the final product.

Beyond the initial product getting to market, sales and market introductions can also benefit from rapid product development. Having a physical product in hand gives marketing the ability to better promote the product and observe consumers’ interaction with it before final production. Creating low-volume of prototype productions that look and feel like the real product can also be an asset to your sales team. Outfit your sales and marketing with a limited number of  prototype development units before the final product is released and experience the benefits of pre-sales.

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