Consumer & Commercial Product Prototyping

The introduction and innovation of new products is an involved process requiring multiple rounds of concept evaluation and verification. To best streamline and improve stages of design, testing and production, WayKen provides fast, efficient product prototype and rapid manufacturing solutions to companies across industries, from Industrial and Commercial to Consumer products prototyping, from Instruments and Equipment to Digital products prototyping and Appliance prototyping to improve communication, collaboration and creation. Our portfolio of product prototype manufacturing ensures design accuracy, product quality, and ultimately company success.

Equipment and Instruments

consumer product prototypingWayKen Plastics makes a wide range of product prototype for Equipment and Instruments. High performance Production-grade thermoplastic materials are replacing metals in many applications. Meanwhile, seeing how a part or assembly will function when subjected to stresses representing what it will see in its actual application.Use the product prototypes to test the function which will include Chemical Resistance, Mechanical Properties, Electrical Properties, Thermal Properties, and Life Testing , Regulatory Testing. Our parts are found throughout the industrial equipment industry.

OA (office automation) Products

CNC Machining-14WayKen technical capabilites are well suited for OA equipment manufacturers with components manufactured to your exact specifications.Your product prototype will faithfully represent the attributes of the end-product. Include dimensional accuracy for fit-up with mating parts.Making some or all of the parts of an assembly, putting them together, and seeing if they fit properly. Checks for design errors and minor dimensional differences and tolerances.

Digital and Appliances

Finishing & Painting-20In the competitive consumer products field, Everything we do here at WayKen is focused on providing the best quality Digital products prototyping and appliance prototyping in the industry on time and cost. Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and marketing staff all use prototypes to understand a product’s aesthetic and functional appeal. Design reviews and focus-group sessions can be more productive with lifelike prototypes. From computer to mobile phones, From TV set to air-condition, WayKen has over 20 years’ experience in prototype development for just about every product in the home! Able to create a prototype in days, we can react quickly to any project development requirements. Quickly simulate products during all phases of the design process for visual evaluation of features, shape, functionality and overall look and feel.

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