Industrial Design

Quality and speed are critical to your product’s success. As the pace of product development increases, particulary in plastic product design, designers are pushing the envelope to bridge the gap from concept design to prototype model making and  production in the fastest time possible. WayKen has developed an unsurpassed reputation by reliably producing high-quality product design prototype on time. We has the capacity and expertise to meet all your stringent design needs. In fact, many of our Prototype Engineers and Project Managers have extensive backgrounds in industrial design, allowing them to fully realize all of your design requirements.

Significance for Different Stages in Industrial Design Prototyping Process

CNC Machining-33 Design optimization
Designers’ 2D renderings or 3D digital models are making a product design prototype model and then make adjustments. Thus show out the creative of the designer directly in physical and provides the reference for product concept in design stage. Later Reverse Engineering Techniques will be used for scanning the model to get the arguments and to perfect the design. Prototypes will be used to ensure the form design so that design efficiency could be greatly improved by such design processes.
_DSC0341-800Design Discussion
It is very important to discuss during product design and manufacturing. Visualization is a significant part for design expression , and it is also the basic for design discussion. Build the model quickly and effectively will conduct a more efficient design at the same time. During design idea generation stage, from initial 2D sketch design expression to later detail discussion, product design prototype will act as a specified discussing object that makes the detail more clear and the visual more real. Since everyone in the design team got the chance to view the design, it will be more cooperated in team work.

CNC Machining-26Dimension Verification & Functional Text
In engineering design stage, prototypes assemblability will visually reflect the rationality of physical dimension and the ease or complexity assembly work. This Prototypes has simulated the final product in dimensional accuracy, functional form, curved shape, ect. To verify the correctness of installation process in the form of a physical and help to find problems in the early stage, then problems solve. Meanwhile, use the product design prototype to test the function which will include the Aerodynamic test, Ergonomics test, and the test for mechanical performance, thermal performance, mechanical property, appliance performance, product Life cycle and safety standard.


Prototyping application in industrial product design and manufacturing

  • Space Studies
  • proof of concept design
  • Form & Fit Prototypes
  • Engineering Evaluation
  • Presentation Models
  • Market Evaluation