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Posted on: Aug, 30, 2017

Plastic machining is one of Wayken's main services, the material is very limited but also various for cnc prototyping.

We have done a visual model for water dispenser. Unlike the functional model, we need to glue all the plastic machining parts, so we need to consider the glue strength. As the customer requested to make the model as light as possible, so the wall thinkness can't be too thin or too thick.

Even this is a visual model, it doesn't mean you could mill the part in a whole plastic block. The water dispenser consisted 9 components, the watertank was made of Acrylic block, and rest parts were made out of ABS.

As a visual model, appearance is most important thing to it, several post finish processes were involved like high polish for watertank, glossy painting, matte painting, electroplating, silk printing. Electrplating doesn't mean silver only, it could be some other color, like Brass effect for this project.

Most plastics can be dressed and painted to offer a high class finish for exhibition or demonstration models. WayKen has a team of CNC plastic machining and a team of CNC metal machining expert programmers and engineers to ensure parts are machined with the best possible product results. The prototype and production parts market is developing at a phenomenal pace. Keeping up-to-date with the latest production processes and supplier options is a full time job - or at least it is for us. Discover more about "how we work" or see examples of projects we've completed.

In summery, all machined plastic components from WayKen are made to your specification, using a variety of machining techniques; CNC Routing, Milling Turning, Laser Profiling / Engraving and Diamond tip machine polishing. We provide high-quality parts quickly, accurately and at a competitive prices.


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