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WayKen provides multi-faceted rapid prototyping services, including stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), and professional prototype model making.

Whether you are after rapid prototyping China or around the world, WayKen can easily cater to your needs and provide affordable solutions. We are experts in fast prototyping , priding ourselves on our fast turn around and attention to detail. By applying the latest digital technology, our staff of highly-experienced specialists is capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost and precision in the creation of rapid prototype model making for products or component parts.

Many benefits can come from creating a prototype early in the design process. Rapid prototyping can help verify a design, communicate an idea and fix design issues early in the development process, preventing costly changes to the hard tool once the product is in full production. prototype model making also helps potential investors and customers better visualise the product at hand, leading to further investment in the product before it goes to market. Here at WayKen, we can know how important time is for your business. That is why our prototyping manufacturers strive to meet all specified times to deliver products of the highest standard to our clients worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing rapid prototyping services at affordable prices and would love the opportunity to assist you with your project.

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rapid prototyping china Rapid Prototyping Overview

Rapid prototyping, also known as solid freeform fabrication, is an additive layering process. A three-dimensional computer model of a part is sliced into layers by the SLS and SLA rapid prototyping system’s computer program. Each slice is then fed to a processor which in turn directs a laser in X and Y axis directions, as well as controlling the beam output power, to cure or sinter through either UV laser (SLA) or CO2 laser (SLS) the cross section (slice) of the part. After the slice is completed the system’s build mechanism vertically repositions incrementally (Z vector), usually between 0.1mm per layer. This process is repeated until the vertical height of the part is completed. Build time can range from one hour to many depending upon the part volume, mass and Z height.

china rapid prototyping Selecting the Right Technology – SLA & SLS

  • SLA emerged as the industry leader in form, fit and appearance applications. SLA still demands the leading position when it comes to holding close tolerances (<.05mm) and smooth surface finish. Its material properties are limited where robust or demanding performance situations are needed. Stereolithography (SLA) is a UV curable epoxy resin base system. Because it is an epoxy resin system there are practical limits to fast prototyping and manufacturing applications. Frequently, parts that are produced from SLA are transferred to urethane castings using silicone rubber molds (SRM). SRM molds are frequently referred to as RTV molds (room temperature vulcanization). The urethane castings are used in the customer’s application.
  • SLS materials are suited for direct functional applications where performance demands robust resistance to chemical, heat, wear, abrasion, flexibility, and internal/external surface pressures.
  • WayKen’s rapid prototyping services specialists, after consulting with you and understanding your Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacturing application, will help you select the most appropriate Rapid process. If functional prototypes, concept models or Short run production are required, our team of professionals can offer a solution that best meets your needs. We measure ourselves by the value we add to our clients and their projects.
Materials epoxy resin polyamide (Nylon)
Applications Pattern masters Form and fit Appearance models Functional prototypes Performance evaluation Direct manufacturing
Described Fragile More accurate Robust Very functional

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