Vacuum Casting & Urethane Casting

WayKen is on the leading edge of Vacuum Casting technology, offering a wide variety of materials to facilitate the creation of urethane casting parts or finished products, typically for market testing, clinical trials, pre-production evaluation and low volume production.

Vacuum Casting (also known as Urethane Casting or Polyurethane Casting) can be used to closely simulate final injection-molded parts and / or finished products-quickly and inexpensively without the investment in metal tooling. Polyurethane Casting parts and / or finished products can be completed and delivered in days after completing SRM tooling (silicone rubber molds), and dozens of short runs can be delivered within weeks in most instances. SRM tooling can take as little as 3-5 days.

With 20 years experience in new product development and vacuum casting China, WayKen’s specialists offer extraordinary skill in assuring precise form and fit, thus assuring the highest quality and reliability. This translates into speed and economy for customers seeking a competitive edge through advances in product design and functionality.

Silicone Rubber Mold

The Silicone Rubber Mold (also known as RTV mold) is created using a master pattern. The master pattern can be created by CNC machining or SLA. Silicone Tools provide excellent chemical stability and offer minimal shrinkage which allows for fine details to transfer effectively from the Master to the Mold. Parts with intricate shapes and surface details can be Vacuum Casting or Pressure Cast with limited shrinkage and properties that simulate production materials.

WayKen Technicians quickly make Master Patterns and within a few days make Silicone Molds to be used for casting PU products. The life of the Silicone Mold is directly related to the complexity of the part being cast. Silicone Molds will generally produce 15 to 30 parts before Degradation. Average cure times: (1 to 4 hours for small parts and 4 to 8 hours for big parts).

Key Features of Castings

Vacuum Casting 15.JPG Clear Acrylic Prototypes-03

urethane Casting can be accurately matched to customer specified colours (Pantone, BS and RAL) and surface finishes (from Matt to Spark and High Gloss). Drilled, tapped insert moulded and over moulded parts can be supplied. Excellent optical clarity, colour tinting, high impact strength, temperature resistance and flame retardancy can all be supplied to provide as close a match to your final production requirements as possible.

WayKen use standardized operational procedures to assure accurate part replication and consistent mechanical properties. Our Polyurethane Casting Technicians control all operational parameters: mixing, de-gassing, stirring, preheating, injection, to the solidification of the polyurethane and Rubber, so to provide a standard precision of ± 0.15mm / 100mm, and the highest precision of ± 0.05 mm.

Material Choices

Our selection of vacuum casting urethane include: HEI-CAST from Japan, and AXSON from France. The properties of the Thermoset Plastics are similar to engineering plastics: ABS, PMMA, PC, PP, PA, POM, and others. We offer transparent, translucent, and opaque materials in a variety of different Shore Durometers and Colorations. We also offer High Impact and High Temperature (150 degree) Fire Resistant UL94-V0 rated materials, and Glass Filled Resins.

Common Applications

Vacuum Casting 14.JPG Vacuum Casting 12.JPG
  • Rapid Manufacturing / Short Production Runs
  • Industrial Design Models
  • Visual Models & Aesthetic Models
  • Color and texture studies
  • Engineering Proof of Concept Models
  • Performance Evaluation and Testing Models
  • Engineering Check Models (Design Verification)
  • Product Photo Models
  • Sales Samples
  • Market Study Models
  • Customer Evaluation
  • Display Models & Exhibit Models