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Posted on: Aug, 30, 2017

Prototypes are simply known as sample models. They are made to give an idea to the customers how can an actual product may look like. Design prototyping means customers offer the design files and the engineers will assist you and will make a similar product to the prototype you chose. Prototypes can be made for many industrial machines and hi-tech equipment.

“Rapid” means a speedy action taking place over a short period of time, and a prototype is typically the first model of a project. This process requires fast iterations of design to implement features, test how they work, and fix what doesn’t work until you reach a comfortable solution.

Rapid prototyping involves multiple iterations of a three-step process:

  • Prototype

Convert the users’ description of the solution into mock-ups, factoring in user experience standards and best practices.

  • Review

Share the prototype with users and evaluate whether it meets their needs and expectations.

  • Refine

Based on feedback, identify areas that need to be refined or further defined and clarified.

Wayken Rapid, a Leading Rapid Prototype Manufacturing company in China, provides advanced rapid prototype manufacturing and CNC machining services cover a wide range of industry. Focusing on visual design models, full-functional engineering prototypes and low volume production of custom parts.

Prototype usually starts small, with a few key areas mocked up, and grows in breadth and depth over multiple iterations as required areas are built out, until the prototype is finalized and handed off for development of the final product. The rapidness of the process is most evident in the iterations, which range from real-time changes to iteration cycles of a few days, depending on the scope of the prototype.

Wayken’s engineers are experience in programming which is helpful for making precision part and lower the scrappage rate. When client received the aluminum CNC machining parts , they are very satisfied with the parts we can make high level precision parts within 4 days. If you have needs of prototypes, please feel free to contact us!


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