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Posted on: Sep, 5, 2017

Working with aluminum in some of the most complex products in manufacturing? Absolutely! Manufacturers have long been fans of aluminum as a prototyping material. Instead of being merely a prototyping material to test items that are later manufactured in a heavier metal, aluminum is stepping out as a design composite of its own in the automotive industry.

Aluminum composite material is widely used today in transportation, defense area, mechanical structure and power equipment also. This need is fulfill by aluminum metal matrix based composite material. Composite material is an mixture of metal having lot of mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength, high melting temperature, much light in weight. In this experiment we produce Aluminum composite material by using one of the most effective and low coast having method that is called stir casting. In current society we can use more type of composite material to making different types of designs, bigger mechanical structure and many other equipment. Composite material is more strong & having several types of positive effective particles. Aluminum composite widely used is world  after finding the composite materials there is every sector used it.

Machining composite materials presents an entirely new set of hurdles when compared to conventional machining of metals. In fact, working with one specific composite can often differ significantly from working with another. Manufacturers producing parts from composites must constantly reassess tools, methods, set-ups.Generally speaking, a composite combines two materials with individual characteristics to create something with new and unique properties.

Aluminum composite material is manufacturing based on some factors like chemical composition, heat treatment, metal matrix, reinforcement metal and cost of process. So we should know some practical or theoretical values or process also. Aluminum metal matrix composite is made up by two metal i.e. matrix or reinforcement.

Here at Wayken, we have long known the advantages of working with aluminum. As a prototype, aluminum has long been the model of choice to create a design at a reasonable price. Aluminum is soft, durable, light weight and is generally prized because it is highly corrosion resistant. It is also nonmagnetic and non-sparking, a must for many products out of which it is made. As an excellent heat and electricity conductor, aluminum is preferred for prototypes that have to undergo intense testing in the field. The Wayken advantage, however, goes beyond that. Further, our CNC aluminum machining services include the experience of our staff of project engineers and machinists who can help you deliver superior results.

One of the further advantages of going with Wayken is that all services are available to you in-house. This means you do not have to send out your prototype for finishing options, as we can provide secondary and machine finished aluminum finishing operations such as anodizing, heat treating, sand blasting and polishing. With so many ways to work with aluminum, why not contact our experts and see how we might help work with your design?


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