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WayKen's assortment of technologies and materials allow our customers to quickly simulate products during all phases of the design process for visual evaluation of features, shape, functionality and overall look and feel. You are able to communicate clearly with peers and clients, get early design feedback, Be better in the future!


Quick, non-expensive prototype concept models are the worthy transmission media in delivering concepts or ideas to workmates, customers and marketers in a way that a 3D model in the computer never reaches. With world class technologies and various cheap materials, Wayken offers our customers a good chance to fast evaluate their ideas by prototyping concept models in our well-equipped prototype factories; in this case our customers can know their product design well either in features & shapes or fitting & functionality, as well as the overall appearance and feeling.

Making prototypes before moving into mass production is important as they can keep the product design concepts modeling-process on going and ideas updating though they are short-lived but valuable in bringing your ideas to life. Also if want to promote the process, you can have several kinds of concepts to be manufactured at the same time, then choose the best from a side-by-side comparison. Advanced technology, the proof of concept prototype that widely used are Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and CNC machining, which are frequently chosen for evaluating prototype concept models and design. WayKen’s fast prototyping services enable design teams and businessmen all over the world to shorten days and weeks from their traditional product design process, which in other words is to save resources and create possibility to earn profits by getting concept modeling to markets faster.

Finishing which also will make a different appearance for a machine finished prototype concept. Wayken’s highly experienced finishing team offer hand finishing, primer, color-match paint, texture and soft-touch finish; they also utilize a number of special methods to maintain the accurately assembly and finest visual appearance. Have an idea in mind? Contact us for more information or request a quote and get started today.

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