Visual Presentation Prototypes
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  • Visual Presentation Prototypes

Visual Presentation Prototypes

Presentation models are designed to look and feel just like the real product. Features such as overmolding, textures, paint and inserts enable WayKen to create presentation models that are virtually identical to the real product. Presentation Models are ideal for use in focus groups, trade shows and other sales and marketing activities.


Visual Presentation prototypes are designed to look and feel just like the real physical product. WayKen, with technologies of over molding, Textures, Paint and Inserts, enable every customers all over the world to create presentation model that are virtually identical to the real product. Presentation Model is a very good choice in crowds, expo, and other sales & marketing activities. With a pre-launch appearance model of a new product showed in the above mentioned places, people can see it, hold it and examine it from every angle. WayKen can give you this high-quality visual prototype in just days.

Cases that use Presentation models a lot
Potential to buy-in
Arouse Market Interest
Internal Reviews
New product Demonstrations
Photo Shoots
Sales and Marketing samples
Education and Training aid WayKen produces such presentation models by using CNC, SLA, SLS, and Vacuum Casting technologies according to the specific requirements provided by clients.

We can also:
Produce cosmetic prototypes (including color matching)
Plate models for metallic finishes
Add hardware (e.g., inserts)
Deliver an assembled prototype. We have a very highly trained Process and Finishing team who is ready to turn your designs into reality. Each of them has the ability to manage well with the high-quality appearance prototype manufacturing. They pay attention to every detail, so that all can be in relevant to customers’ expectations. Post Finishing will give a new image to machined-only presentation prototype. Our highly experienced finishing department is equipped with technologies of hand finishing; primer, color-match paint, texture and soft-touch finish, utilizing a lot of proprietary skills to accurately assembly and best appearance.

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