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Visual Presentation Prototypes

Presentation models are designed to look and feel just like the real product. With rapid prototyping technologies of 3D printing, CNC machining, and post-finishing, WayKen creates high-quality visual presentation models virtually identical to the real products. These prototyped models are ideal for use in focus groups, trade shows and other sales and marketing activities.


Commercialising Your Invention, Idea or Product

What Is Presentation Prototype?

Presentation prototype is a visual representation of how the end invention design will look. Its purpose is to show off your 3D visual model and to generate interest in your audience. They don’t have to work like a functional model, but you also don’t want them to seem rough and unpolished like your concept models. Whereas the concept model is like a 3D sketch, a presentation model is like an actual tangible 3D rendering.

In some cases, presentation prototype also needs to provide a working demonstrations of the product. This type of prototype combines the functionality of the product with the overall appearance. It is likely that production grade materials will be used to balance cost efficiency with design quality. This prototype is a good option to show product viability prior to mass manufacturing.

Commercial Value of Visual Presentation Prototypes

The presentation models can be used for presentation to senior stakeholders such as leadership, clients and investors, or to tradeshows or marketing photographs to help you license your product, or to sales promotion and market research with potential customers.

Whether presentation models are needed or not, they depends on your marketing strategy, product features and budget. Not every project has this requirement. However, they can be valuable tools if used reasonably. Because presentation models can not only interact with consumers in focus testing, and can be used to discuss with potential customers about their product expectations, giving you a opportunity to better assess their attitude towards the product in the early stages of design.

Situations Using Presentation Models a Lot

  • Design optimization
  • Internal reviews
  • Trade shows
  • Photo shoots
  • Arousing market interest
  • Identifying and understanding opportunities
  • Potential to buy-in
  • New product demonstrations
  • Enhancing chances to secure funding
  • Sales and marketing samples
  • Education and training aid

The Best Solution for Your Visual Presentation Prototypes

According to your product development process, presentation prototypes can be made before or after you have solved design details with a functional prototype. If you’re going to do design optimization, you may want to make use of a visual appearance prototype with your design team earlier, so that you can incorporate internal reviews into your design of the functional prototype. However, if you’re going to do market research as soon as possible, you can also show investors or potential licensors presentation models with combinations of product functionality and its overall appearance.

Whatever you need, Wayken is always able to provide the best prototype technologies to support your business.

Choose 3D Printing?

3D printing and additive manufacturing provide you with a range of cost-effective and rapid prototyping options that can greatly reduce the lead-times and expense of producing the finest presentation models.

WayKen offers a variety of 3D printing services including Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), ideal ways to speed up your product development process. From a CAD design to a physical part in your hands and finally in front of your team, it is faster than ever. We have a full team of dedicated engineers and project managers that will work with you to verify your designs, appearance and function, helping potential investors and customers better visualize the product at hand to direct further investment in the product before it goes to market.

Or CNC Prototyping?

WayKen is expert in CNC prototype machining service, focusing on highly accurate visual design models and full-functioning engineering prototypes. Fast turnaround and high caliber CNC machined prototypes can be fulfilled with a wide variety of materials, including production plastics, metals and other composites.

CNC rapid prototyping is used to create high-quality presentation models and functional prototypes, which allows your design team to closely simulate the final product appearance and function and reflects the validity of physical dimension and the ease or complexity assembly work, also provides the space to modify and optimize design.

Post Finishing Support

Do you want to get a cosmetic prototype or painted prototype? We have a very highly trained prototype finishing team who is ready to turn your designs into reality. Each of them has the ability to manage well with the high-quality appearance prototype manufacturing. They pay attention to every detail, so that all can be in line with customers’ expectations.

Post finishing will give a new image to just machined presentation prototype. Our highly experienced finishing department utilizes hand finishing, primer, color-match paint, texture and soft-touch finish and a lot of proprietary skills for accurate assembly and best appearance.

To provide a fast emulated prototype the same as the final product to client, we support one-stop surface finishing operations for client’s convenience, and offer value-added support to product designers, helping them optimize their designs for specific product development processes.

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