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WAYKEN’S blog aims to share our hard earned knowledge on prototype manufacturing. We hope these articles help you to optimize your product design and better understand the world of rapid prototyping. Enjoy!

CNC Prototype Machining

3 Tips To Optimize the Cost of CNC Prototype

Here are 3 tips to help you minimize the CNC prototype costs and increase productivity and make more cost-effective choices for your next CNC machining project.

Utilization of Fixtures for Successful Custom C...

Careful selection of jigs and fixtures can achieve smooth custom CNC machining, as well as significantly improve the economy of the fabrication process.

How to Find Good CNC Machining Service Provider...

Let us discuss what some metrics you really need to consider or pay attention to when choosing good CNC machining providers for your business success.

CNC Prototyping in the Aviation Industry

With over 20 years' prototyping experience, Wayken can offer prototype CNC machining services for the automotive, medical, and aircraft & aerospace industries.

A Rapid Prototype CNC Machining Case Study

20yrs prototyping services experience with ISO 9001 certified Rapid Prototype CNC Machine Shop. Get your custom CNC machined parts with low cost & fast delivery!

The Role of a Prototyping Company in the CNC Pr...

Wayken is an ISO certified prototyping company offering manufacturing services including rapid prototyping, CNC machining, vacuum casting & injection molding.

A Complete CNC Milling Guide

WayKen has a machine shop that can support flexible 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis CNC milling etc to help you rapidly create parts from simple or complex designs.

CNC Milling Services: What Do You Pay For?

How to save CNC milling costs? Why some custom CNC milling services are expensive? Firstly, we may need to know the cost factors for CNC milling services.

The What, Why, And When Do You Need Custom Mach...

WayKen machine shop located in Shenzhen, China, and provides custom machining services with years of experience working with customers from various industries.

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