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WAYKEN’S blog aims to share our hard earned knowledge on prototype manufacturing. We hope these articles help you to optimize your product design and better understand the world of rapid prototyping. Enjoy!

Prototype Finishing & Painting

Everything You Need to Know About Anodizing Alu...

Anodizing is a great way to make a durable and aesthetic surface finish on your aluminum parts. There are some features you need to know before anodizing though.

Exploring The Best Surface Textures For Your De...

As a product designer, it's important to know that how to choose the right surface texture of the part wisely and create better products and reduce costs.

Aluminum Coatings: Anodizing Vs. Powder Vs. Pai...

There are the most common 3 types of aluminum coatings, such as painting, oxidizing and powder coating. Let’s find out which is best for aluminum surface.

Applications of PVD Aluminum Metallization in A...

Vacuum metalizing is the process of evaporating metals, most commonly aluminum, here let’s see how Wayken use PVD Aluminum coating finish in auto industry.

Industrial Powder Coating for Green Manufacturing

Browse industrial powder coating advantages, equipment, process and service for a wide range of green manufacturing and commercial applications at market.

Prototype Painting for Aerospace Industry

Coating an aerospace vehicle requires careful testing on its painting prototype. Painted objects are protected from corrosion better than polished ones.

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