Rapid Injection Molding
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WAYKEN’S blog aims to share our hard earned knowledge on prototype manufacturing. We hope these articles help you to optimize your product design and better understand the world of rapid prototyping. Enjoy!

Rapid Injection Molding

How to Use Low Volume Injection Molding Properly?

Wayken provide high quality and cost effective rapid tooling and injection molding service for low volume and quick-turn production to reduce risks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Die Casting

Die casting have been widely used in automotive, lighting, industrial, and households. Here let’s talk about die casting’s advantage and disadvantage.

Rapid Tooling for Your Prototypes

Today’s global market and economy have changed, how do we use Rapid tooling to provide customers with quality goods and services at a competitive price?

Save Your Injection Molds Cost In Plastic Proto...

Injection molding is a popular plastic working process, the following blog will show you how to save your injection molds cost. Just start with it!

13 Plastic Injection Molding Problems and Solut...

Analyzing the causes of the molding defects in the molding process of plastic parts and how to fix is important in the molding process of plastic parts.

The Development and Trend of Overmolding

Using right Overmolding methods and elements to achieve the prototype of 2K overmolding product can save costs &improve efficiency.

Aluminum Injection Mold VS Steel Injection Mold...

Should you make your plastic parts using aluminum injection mold, steel injection mold or 3D-printed mold? To help you find best answers, let's look at here.

7 Major Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding maybe is one of the most popular methods for mass producing plastic parts,
because of its 7 advantges over traditioanl processing.

How to Better Leverage Low Volume Plastic Molding?

How to leverage low volume plastic molding to reduce plastic parts design risks with quick-turn injection molding before shifting to mass production.

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