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WAYKEN’S blog aims to share our hard earned knowledge on prototype manufacturing. We hope these articles help you to optimize your product design and better understand the world of rapid prototyping. Enjoy!

Rapid Injection Molding

Will 3D-Printing Replace The Tooling Industry?

3D-Printing Vs. Tooling, Which is Better? Who has more potential? Who will replace whose position finally? Here, let’s together discuss such a deep topic.

The Limitations of Low Volume Injection Molding

Wayken provides high-quality and cost-effective rapid tooling and injection molding service for low volume production to reduce design risks.

The Art and Science of Prototype Injection Molding

WayKen Rapid takes the lead in prototype injection molding services for various industries. We can offer low-volume production parts for 100-10000 pcs.

The Pros and Cons of Covid-19 for Medical Devic...

The coronavirus has led to a shortage of medical supplies. However, it is possible to produce medical devices fast with rapid injection molding.

Aluminum Injection Mold VS Steel Injection Mold...

Should you make your plastic parts using aluminum injection mold, steel injection mold or 3D-printed mold? To help you find best answers, let's look at here.

How to Make a Waterproof Plastic Prototype Encl...

Rapid prototyping tips are very useful to create custom plastic enclosures and some about metal enclosures that protect against water. Then let's look it.

The Basics of Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is also called prototype tooling and soft tooling. At Wayken, you can get quick and cheap molded parts through our injection mold tooling.

The Belt and Road Initiative Impact on China In...

The Chinese government launches the Belt and Road Initiative Will boost China Injection Mold. Let’s see how it Make Chinese mold makers Top-1 in the world.

How to Use Low Volume Injection Molding Properly?

Wayken provide high quality and cost effective rapid tooling and injection molding service for low volume and quick-turn production to reduce risks.

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