Urethane Vacuum Casting
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WAYKEN’S blog aims to share our hard earned knowledge on prototype manufacturing. We hope these articles help you to optimize your product design and better understand the world of rapid prototyping. Enjoy!

Urethane Vacuum Casting

Die Casting Parts: How Aluminum Die Casting Works

How to effectively make metal parts? Die casting and CNC machining are the most poplular rapid machining techniques for metal products and components.

Fantastic Tips of Casting Parts

When dealing with casting parts, there are lots of details to consider for, but with the following tips, it will help to release your new product.

Rapid Prototyping Using Urethane Molding

Urethane molding or polyurethane molding offers time-saving, also cost-effective prototyping process services to reach mass production.

Advancement and Guides for Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting Technology is far more advanced in product development, also the unique guides make it attractively and increasingly developing in China.

The Best Vacuum Casting in China

China is a world leader in vacuum casting hence, you may find many different vacuum casting services and supplies scattered all over China.

5 Aspects of Silicone Rubber Mould: You Should ...

WayKen, on the leading edge of vacuum casting technology, can create silicone rubber molds producing urethane cast parts quickly and accurately.

Vaccum-Urethan Casting: How And Why

Urethane casting or urethane vacuum casting is a good way to manufacture prototypes or small plastic batches, which are capable of producing no air buble.

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