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Posted on: Jan 1, 2015, | By Dorothy, WayKen Marketing […]

Posted on: Jan 1, 2015, | By Dorothy, WayKen Marketing Manager

There can be no doubt that CNC machining is still the most effective and popular way to manufacture a rapid prototype today. The advent of additive manufacturing has added another layer, literally, to rapid prototyping to be sure but CNC still provides the best way to develop functional prototypes from plastic or metal with perfectly finished surfaces and intricate detail. To better understand this type of prototyping check out the following ways machining can be used to create your perfect rapid prototype.


Turning. This process of machining does exactly what it sounds like and is the oldest type of machining known. A piece of material is turned while the machining tool cuts it into shapes or adds detail to piece. The material can be moved up and down as well as the turning process continues.

Milling. The prototype material is held still with a vise while rotating cutting tools move and change cutting away at the metal or plastic. Multiple tools can be used to shape and perfect each prototype. These tools are guided by CAD designs and their designs, notches, and holes are extremely precise.

Sanding and Polishing. We remove product defects such as the burr, machine line and adhesive mark from the product surface via the efficiency hand sanding from the custom prototypes. The flatness of the part will be improved and roughness will be reduced to meet a smooth and perfect appearance. And hand polish process is to be used for a mirror finish on normal plastic, metal parts and clear acrylic parts, as well as vapor polishing polycarbonate to achieve a professional grade glossy for your prototype finishing, and to enhance the clarity of clear parts. Whether your project requires a Machined Finish, Matt Finish, Clear Finish, Mirror polish, Brushed polish, or Sand Blasting, WayKen will offer you the one-stop services.

When you need a functional or early market prototype created CNC machining and it’s many processes are perfect to manufacture according to your exact design and specifications. Wayken Rapid Manufacturing is eager to work with you and will continue to work closely with you throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Call Wayken Rapid Manufacturing for a quote today.


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