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The Role of Project Management in Custom Machining

Custom machining is a better choice that could provide advice for making an instant and quality prototype for developing, managing, and testing a project.

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Posted on June 26th, 2019 | By Hailey, WayKen Marketing Manager

Custom Machining’ is the process of creating a unique and individual part for a specific application. This is an extremely important and innovative process that allows the produced part to have the best mechanical properties when compared with parts made up of other manufacturing processes such as casting. Custom machined parts are quite expensive to produce but their costs are justified due to the excellent properties of the product and when the mass production of the parts is not needed.

Project management is a set of practices that ensure the timely completion of the required set of tasks while minimizing the waste of both human and monetary resources. Machining Projects also require a degree of controlling and planning that may play an important part in ensuring the company’s success. This article will discuss a few simple steps that can be incorporated in creating custom CNC parts to ensure timely delivery of the finished products.

When is Custom Machining of Parts Required

Custom Machined parts can be made by using different machining techniques. In addition to traditional lathes or milling machines, other techniques like CNC service, CNC lathes, CNC Milling services, etc. CNC Machined parts are quite better when it comes to their precision and accuracy. There are several benefits of using custom machining techniques, but mass production of parts using them is not possible due to high costs. Typically, custom machined parts are used for the following reasons.

  • Unavailability of the required part
  • Special design considerations which are not possible with other manufacturing techniques
  • Low volume for prototyping purposes
  • Extreme accuracy and precision is required
  • Parts are required for high strength application
  • Parts are required urgently

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Why is CNC Machining better than Traditional Machining Techniques?

Before jumping to the steps, it’s better to know why the custom machining market is dominated by the CNC machines. The primary reason behind it is the versatility and repeatability of the CNC machines. A traditional machine requires a human controller who is prone to make small types of errors. CNC machines, however, are controlled by a computer that directly converts a cad model of the required design into a set of G or M codes. These codes precisely control the movement of the tool post and the chances of error are minimized.

CNC machines have become an integral part of every major industry on a global scale. CNC Machining of metals and plastics is used in order to make complex shapes that have the ability to withstand high stresses without failure. CNC Plastic machining is used in industries where excellent strength, surface properties, and abrasion resistance is required. Similarly, CNC aluminum parts are generally used in the aerospace industry due to the lightweight and high strength of Aluminum Alloys. In conclusion, CNC machining has several significant advantages over traditional machining techniques. Some of the obvious advantages are listed below.

  • High Precision: CNC machines boast extremely high precision and practically eliminate human error. The machining of CNC can achieve accuracy within 1/1000th.
  • High Endurance: The CNC machines can easily work for 24 hours without taking any break. The only time their operation can stop is when maintenance is required.
  • Repeatability and Scalability: CNC machines have extremely high repeatability. Any batch would have exactly the same dimensions without any mistakes. Similarly, the size of the part can be easily changed without any mistake.
  • High Capability: If you need to make any complex shape with high accuracy, CNC machines can be easily used.
  • Less Labor: With CNC machines, only a single operator is required as compared to traditional machines.
  • Lower Cost: Although the capital cost of CNC machines is quite high they have a lower overall cost.
  • High safety: CNC machines are extremely safe because they operate in a very safe environment.
  • Low maintenance: CNC machines do not require too much maintenance. The coolant and lubricants are automatically discharged which means that the chances of overheating of the tool and part are minimized.
  • High versatility: With CNC machines, a single unit can easily perform a variety of tasks. Traditional machines perform a single task, for eg a lathe machine can only perform one function. Contrary to that, CNC machines can easily perform all types of tasks.

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Steps that can be taken to Ensure Timely Completion of Projects

Custom machining of parts requires a properly planned schedule in order to ensure that all the parts are made on time and their quality is satisfactory. This can be done by following the ideas of project management. Some of the steps that can be taken to incorporate the ideas of project management in the custom machining process are the following

Consideration of Specifications

Before starting the machining process, the first task is to consider all the specifications of the product. Consider all the details and change the original design if needed in order to ensure that the best part is produced.

Ensure a Constant Supply of the Required Materials

First of all, select the best material for your part. Also, maintain a proper inventory of the raw materials to ensure that no delays occur due to unavailability of the material

Ensure Adequate Timings for Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an extremely important part of the manufacturing process. The quality check may be automated or be done by the operators on site. It is, however, important to ensure that whatever type of quality check is required; there is enough time to maintain the quality of the final product.

Inspect the Quality of all the Finished Products

There must be a set of standards for the finished product to comply with. The standards may be international or an internal set of rules by the company. By doing this, the accuracy of the finished product can be easily ensured.

Polishing Finish

Final Thoughts

Project management is a detailed science and requires a huge amount of effort and knowledge. The steps described above are only some small changes that can be employed by any company. However, there are several other steps that can be slowly integrated into the custom machining process to ensure timely deliverance of the product. Similarly, through using the steps of project management, the quality of the made product can also be ensured at all times. Looking for a quality and instant CNC machining service for your next project? Please check the below CONTACT corner for a quote.


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