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  • Product Development Prototyping

product development prototyping

We do strive to be your best full service product development firm in the industry. From product research to industrial design, prototype development to mechanical engineering, we handle it all in-house. We'll work with you through every step of the product development process.


WayKen provides fast, efficient product prototype and rapid manufacturing solutions to companies across industries from Commercial to Consumer products, from Instruments & Equipment to Digital products and Home Appliance prototyping. Our portfolio of product prototype manufacturing enables design accuracy, best quality, and at last brings to company success.

Equipment and Instruments

WayKen makes a wide range of product prototype for Equipment and Instruments usage with thermoplastic materials instead of metals in many applications. Use the prototypes to test the function instead of physical equipment in conditions of Chemical Resistance, Mechanical Properties, Electrical Properties, Thermal Properties, and Life Testing, Regulatory Testing.

OA (office automation) Products

WayKen technical capabilities are well suited for OA equipment manufacturers with components manufactured to your exact specifications. Your prototype production will faithfully represent the attributes of the end-product, including dimensional accuracy for assembling with mating parts, checking design errors and hidden dimensional differences and tolerances.

Digital and Appliances

During the competitive consumer products zone, everything we do here at WayKen is to pay whole attention to produce the best quality digital products prototyping and appliance prototyping on time and cheap. For prototype development ranging from computers to mobile phones, TV sets to air-condition, WayKen owns more than 20 years experience in rapid prototyping development area by producing these consumer samples for various expo purpose; Being able to create a prototype in days, we can react quickly to any project development requirements.

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