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Product Manufacturing Lifecycle

Advanced Injection molding & CNC machining in low volume production can help you realize positive product lifecycle until take lead in the market.

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Posted on: July 19, 2018, | By Mandy, WayKen Project Manager

Whether as a designer or a marketer, it is important to have a clear understanding of the product life cycle. In this phase, Can it not only does well for you to choose the appropriate processing technology products, and through this knowledge, but also provide the correct marketing support for your products, make your product thrive, and prolong its life.

The standard product life cycle consists of four key phases: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. The four phases are based on a very familiar biological life cycle. For example, plant processes. First, seed (introduction) begins to bud. It will germinate and establish a root system when it develops into a mature plant. Over time, plants wither and die. This article is to discuss the relationship between product development and its life cycle.

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Prototype and Introduction

Introduction period refers to the product from the design to the market into the test phase. At this time, the product is still in the new development stage, and the customer does not know about the product, so we need to show the sample to the customer in advance. The number of samples varies from 1 to 100, depending on the company and the product. Therefore, conceptual prototype and design prototype are very necessary for the pre-work of the introduction period.

Proof-of-concept prototype: the first phase of a product prototype bears no resemblance to the final product, but it is used to validate the idea and prove its feasibility. At the same time, it is as an auxiliary means to acquire intellectual property patent. Therefore, it is important that you have the ability to explain your product ideas succinctly to IP lawyers. A proof-of-concept prototype can help you to explain the function of the product, but also provides a functional model, the lawyer can use this model to find possible in the absence of a proof-of-concept prototype may not have found additional patent statement. The ultimate use of a proof-of-concept prototype is a display and display device.

Potential investors or patent licensees will often ask you to show them how your product works. If the two investment seekers entering a room, the display of a business plan, another a proof-of-concept prototype, the eyes of investors will tend to show and tell product presentation. This prototype is not only more effective for the product, but also for you as a businessman. Don't underestimate the importance of proof-of-concept prototypes, don't skip the proof-concept phase, and move forward without proving to yourself and others that your idea is technically feasible.

Design prototype: the second stage of product prototype, which has the function and aesthetic characteristics of the final product, produced by rapid manufacturing method. Design prototypes are used to design final design and manufacturing details and to get feedback from distributors, buyers and retailers.

It can be said that these two prototype stages are crucial for the introduction period of products. There are many ways to get rapid prototyping. The most commonly used methods in WayKen are CNC,3D printing SLS, sla etc. WayKen is not only a manufacturer of rapid prototyping, but also capable of producing mass, high-quality prototypes during rapid delivery.

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Low volume production &Growth, Maturity

Once the prototype is proven to be suitable for design, form, function, and requirements have been established, it can go into Low volume production. In the growth period, this stage of production is usually carried out in batches, consisting of batches from 50 to hundreds (sometimes thousands).  After the growth period, products are put into mass production and stable market sales. At this time, the product is popularized and standardized increasingly, thus the competition is also intensified.

Therefore, we should not only control from the cost to quality, but also increase the investment in many aspects. For the mass demand phase, wayKen also offers varieties of technologies such as Rapid Injection Molding, Urethane Vacuum Casting and so on. We deliver completed Manufacturing Life Cycle Management Solutions for every stage in your project process:

Injection molding

Injection molding solution is fit for the production of tens of thousands of plastic parts demand . With applying this kind of process, various resins can be alternatives in term of material characteristics in request.

Urethane Vacuum casting molding

Urethane Vacuum Casting production can be suitable for manufacturing more than Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy and Magnesium alloy casting products. We usually use CNC and EDM for tooling steel machining and making hard molds shortly.

CNC machining

With the import of 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining centers, skilled masters in Rapid can use CNC milling machines and lathe for aluminum alloy, stainless steel , mild steel , brass , titanium alloy , magnesium alloy and a variety of plastic materials for processing .

To update, maintain, and improve the product for mass production, sometimes you need to modify the product. Low volume production endows the company with design flexibility , low capacity manufacturing, especially rapid prototyping is a better choice that are able to provide large-scale production cannot match the design flexibility. As the production scale of the product is small, if a company wants to modify the design, it will not have a significant impact on the entire order. Thus, this will give the company a peace of mind and allow them to improve its products before facing consumers.

Sometimes you don’t worry about that low volume production is a scary leap. We’re highly experienced in bringing products to market successfully and will be glad to help you along in the process. Through our website, customers can find our extensive, detailed literature and manufacturing resources exceedingly helpful while welcoming to your consultations at any time. We would like to say that we have some of the best jobs in the world: Helping to bring awesome concepts into full production reality – it’s not a bad gig!


When the product is in the phase of elimination making the old one cannot adapt to the market demand, it will eventually become obsolete, with the much result that you will have to stop production. Keep updating with other new products with better performance to meet the needs of consumers. This is the process of stimulating innovation.

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