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With over 10 years experience building quality assurance into our process, we offer one of the industry’s lowest reject rates and 95% on-time delivery rates or better.

WayKen Prototype exists to offer highly professional rapid prototyping services in CNC Prototype Machining, Rapid Prototyping, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Injection Molding, and Rapid Precision Machining. From seeking and deploying the most advanced technology on our customers’ behalf, to providing the best advice on solutions to achieve project objectives, to delivering a quality prototype, on spec, on time, every time, the WayKen team is totally committed to excellence.

Our value is defined by the quality of out product — consistently — from part to part, product to project, attention to detail, problem solving, researching new materials and processes, investing in technology, building and sustaining a team of professional rapid prototyping, and dedicating ourselves to leading-edge expertise in all facets of rapid prototyping techniques, rapid manufacturing operations, and customer services.

We will strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and that we focus on measuring outcomes that directly correlate with customer satisfaction .All while we will provide the means, by maintaining open avenues of communication throughout all levels of the organization, by constantly innovating and improving our management system by aligning it to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our quality assurance program makes WayKen the safest, most dependable choice for your next project. We minimize risk by tracking and analyzing every step of our manufacturing process to minimize part to part variation, and assure consistent, reliable quality for every part, every time. With over 10 years experience building quality assurance into our process, we offer one of the industry’s lowest reject rates, and on-time delivery rates of 95% or better.

Two independent reviews of the purchase order is where our QA begins, determining that there are no questions or conflicts regarding dimensions, material, quantities or delivery dates. The print is then reviewed by experienced personnel involved in the set up and production and individual inspection reports are made for each operation that is required to produce the part. All special Quality Prototype needs and instructions are documented and inspection intervals are then assigned based on tolerances, quantities or complexity of the part.

By optimizing a part for manufacturability, we also optimize the manufacturing process. That including CNC Programming and Machining, Rapid Tooling and Vacuum Casting, Hand Finishing and Form Fit Function, Sanding and Polishing, Painting and Surface Treatments. Good process makes good parts, we are dedicated to continually improving our Professional Rapid Prototyping process.

We track and document all aspects of Customer Satisfaction, including on-time delivery rates (95% or better ) and internal and external reject rates (less than 0.5% for all production operations, including secondary operations, sub-assembly, painting, plating and finishing). We also conduct twice annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys from which we derive a numerical rating (85–90% Excellent).

Our Acceptance Criteria

Appearance: without defects that obviously affect appearance quality, such as insufficient material, crack, air bubble, transformation, flashing, scratch, oil stain, colour aberration, etc.

Surface treatment: such as polishing, texturing, electroplating, painting, printing, and sand blasting, examine and receive products according to related on-gauge plate and drawing.

Dimensional Inspection: a. If the tolerance demand has been marked on the drawing or the customer has declared specific tolerance demand, the acceptance criteria of the inspection result should base on it. b. If the size tolerance is uncharted, We use DIN ISO 2768 (f) for precision machined metal parts, and DIN ISO 2768 (m) for machined plastic parts.

Our Quality Commitment

  • Innovative solutions in all products and services, through continuing research in technology, techniques, materials, machining and systems in all aspects of Prototype Design, Prototype Machining, Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing.
  • On-time delivery — every time, no exceptions
  • Zero returns due to product defects caused by poor craftsmanship, processing errors, raw material defects or flawed communications.
  • Takes action to eliminate the cause of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence.
  • Superior customer service through proactive feedback and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Continuous improvement of Quality Management Systems through routine reviews of quality policies and performance.
  • Intensive education and training of all employees on the concepts of quality and applications on every task undertaken. Contact us for more information – or request a quote and get started today.