Prototype Finishing & Painting
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  • Prototype Finishing & Painting

Prototype Finishing & PainTing

From Visual models to final production units our skilled model makers can closely match customer specified colour and finish every time. WayKen offers a complete in house finishing and painting service. we can match precisely and quickly to any customer requirements!


WayKen’s in house prototype finishing is capable to provide the best post finish include hand work fixing, master pattern finishing, assembly & form fit, sanding & polishing, blasting & brushing, prototype painting & plating, printing & silkscreen. To provide a fast emulates prototype same as the final product to client’s hands, we are a one-stop prototype shop for client’s convenience. Check out our Hand Finishing and Surface prototype Finishing options to find your solution, or contact one of our dedicated Project Engineers, we’ll find out the best and suitable solution for you.


From de-flashing to gluing, filling, sanding, modifying, pre-fitting, measuring, and assembling, our Hand Craft Specialists focus on every engineering detail and design specification, helping designer show their creative completely. At WayKen, we always strive for perfection in every part on every project and we will also assurance the tolerance efficaciously for assembly.


We remove product defect such as burr, machine line and adhesive mark from the product surface via the efficiency hand sanding from the custom prototypes. Flatness of the part will be improved and roughness will be reduced to meet a smooth and perfect appearance. And hand polish process is to be used for a mirror finish on normal plastic, metal parts and clear acrylic parts, as well as vapor polishing polycarbonate to achieve a professional grade glossy for your prototype finishing, and to enhance the clarity of clear parts. Whether your project requires a Machined Finish, Matt Finish, Clear Finish, Mirror polish, Brushed polish, or Sand Blasting, WayKen will offer you the one stop services.


Spray painting is a key working procedure for your painted rapid prototype to restore the true color of final required. WayKen invests a clean paint facility to ensure the non- contaminants and non- dust environment for painting, and also strictly control extreme humidity conditions in the painting Room. Our prototype Painting Team using Spray Guns and Air Brushes with HVLP / LVLP Atomization Technologies from SATA, IWATA, and DeVilbiss, and branded qualified UV coatings and Acrylic 1K&2K PU Automotive refinishing coatings from PPG and DuPont which gives prototypes and parts extra water resistance and chemicals resistance. From mobile phones to cars, WayKen Painters can provide any prototype painting surface treatment on any condition and color, texture, matte, gloss as require, we ensure the best quality finish for our clients.


WayKen prototype factory offers a selection of Specialty Surface Treatment options from our reliable source. Such as Anodizing, clear chem film, Electroplating and Chemical Plating , Powder Coating, Laser Etching, Pad Printing. Whether for visual or functional requirements, we can support the real production surface treatments on both plastic and Metal Custom prototypes.

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