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Our biggest asset is our customer base which has grown through word-of-mouth to include customers from around the world,please review the comments below from our existing customers.

Customer Testimonials

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Currently we are doing a final assembly which includes parts that you've made for us, and i would just like to let you know that everything fits together like it's supposed to.You guys did a great job once again and we look forward for our future collaboration!

Igor, Mechanical Engineer

Your company is very profesional and so far I am happy to say that Wayken is handling more than 80% of XXX's prototype jobs. Please standby, we have more work coming for you this week. Thank you for everything!


Just to let you know the parts arrived this morning.We’re really pleased with the way they look. Talk to you soon.


I received the parts to and I am very impressed with the quality, you made the specifications perfectly, they are better quality that the ones I have made myself.


I just unpacked and visually inspected the parts.They are all accounted for and look great! Thank you for you help. I'll keep you inform as I assemble the unit.


Hi Kenzi,You are doing great work, thank you! I look forward to your advice regarding the FV-HD plastics/metals tomorrow.


Just wanted to follow up and thank you for this part. Everyone was impressed with its quality, and I think others at xxx will be using Wayken in the future for sheet metal parts! It worked perfectly in our application. Thanks for all the help, Vivi!


The parts look excellent! Please send them out for delivery and let me know the tracking number when you have it.Thank you.


Your work turned out beautifully and they work even better than they look. We start meeting with the hockey equipment companies tomorrow. Wish us all good luck so we can order more. Thanks!