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Our biggest asset is our customer base which has grown through word-of-mouth to include customers from around the world,please review the comments below from our existing customers.

Customer Testimonials

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Currently we are doing a final assembly which includes parts that you've made for us, and i would just like to let you know that everything fits together like it's supposed to.You guys did a great job once again and we look forward for our future collaboration!

Igor, Mechanical Engineer

Your company is very profesional and so far I am happy to say that Wayken is handling more than 80% of XXX's prototype jobs. Please standby, we have more work coming for you this week. Thank you for everything!

Jose, Team Leader

Just to let you know the parts arrived this morning.We’re really pleased with the way they look. Talk to you soon.

Paul, Project Engineer

I received the parts to and I am very impressed with the quality, you made the specifications perfectly, they are better quality that the ones I have made myself.

Matt, R&D Prototypes Management

I just unpacked and visually inspected the parts.They are all accounted for and look great! Thank you for you help. I'll keep you inform as I assemble the unit.

Devis, Supply Chain Manager

You are doing great work, thank you! I look forward to your advice regarding the FV-HD plastics/metals tomorrow.

James, Program Manager

Just wanted to follow up and thank you for this part. Everyone was impressed with its quality, and I think others at xxx will be using Wayken in the future for sheet metal parts! It worked perfectly in our application. Thanks for all the help, Vivi!

Will, Mechanical Engineer

Your work turned out beautifully and they work even better than they look. We start meeting with the hockey equipment companies tomorrow. Wish us all good luck so we can order more. Thanks!

Keith, Mechanical Engineer

Thanks for the confirmation of payment, the prototypes look great, once again we are very happy with the high quality of work Wayken produces. We are looking at a project that may need a few pieces Plated in a gold colour are you able to do that? Many thanks,

Daniel, Chief Design Officer

I received the parts and I was very pleased with them. I think the milling and the finish was very nice. I also noticed that their were fillets added in certain areas and I liked what it added to the design. I am not sure if that was a product of milling or if that was added to the drawing.

Nickel, Mechanical Engineer

I am very pleased with the components and will be sending more projects to you when I have completed them. Thanks,

Chris, Program Manager

I received the parts yesterday and they look very good. I do believe we will continue to do business in the future.

AL, R&D Prototypes Department

I have received the package today. The parts look pretty good, and you have given good service.

Simon, Associate Design

I received the cases just yesterday evening. Thank you so much! The quality is very high and the electronic fits perfectly! Also the finishing is full aligned with our requirements. Please bring my special Thanks to the team worked on the parts!

Asyraf, Technical Officer

Our previous remarks have been taken into account, and the result is absolutely perfect. Congratulations ! We really appreciate the quality of your work and your responsiveness, and we wish to develop our business with you.

Laurent, Commercial Director

We presented the devices to our management. We are very much satisfied about quality of parts. Such ahuge project and you handled well. Convey my Congratulations to you team!!!

Craig, Mechanical Engineer

I received the parts and they are very good. I am very happy with the quality. I will be ordering more items. Thanks Much,

Alex, Industrial Designer

Just to let you know, we’ve got the parcel. You’ve done a very good job, thank you once again. We’ll use your services again.

Alexa, Assistant Manager-SCM

All of 3 projects were ok. Concernig quality from my side and side our engineering we were fully satisfy. From optical point of view we will see after finishing assembly. I see that on prototype field you are on high level. Thanks for asking. I enjoy for next collaboration.

Peter, Team Leader

Your work turned out beautifully and they work even better than they look. We start meeting with the equipment companies tomorrow. Wish us all good luck so we can order more. Thanks,

Keith, Model Shop Supervisor

I just received the samples today (10 minutes ago). We are very pleased and amazed with the results ;-)) they are absolutely fantastic!! So many thanks for your collaboration. We are really excited, and hope this project will be able to reach significant volume.

Emmanuel, Vice President, Manufacturing

The parts arrived and they look great and work great, Thank you for the service, I will be in contact for new projects soon.

Adir, Design & Development

I received the part and nothing more to say, good job! Thank you very much and have a nice day !

Benjamin, R&D Engineer

First of all, I need to share with you our customer positive feedback about Mock up. 2k Lens really helped to build nice looking Mock up lamp.

Jiri, Lead Product Engineer

The models look great! You have to tell me how you managed the chrome look on the thin wire clip ????. I want to thank you for managing the quality and delivery date; please also extend my thanks to your team for accelerating by supporting in the weekend.

Tamsiran, Design Manager