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The 3 Advantages of Rapid Injection Molding

Rapid injection molding realizes us to create prototype injection molded pieces & parts in a manufacturing thermoplastic resin within 2-5 weeks.

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Posted on: June 25, 2018, | By Candy, WayKen Marketing Manager


Rapid injection molding is a procedure used by engineers to come up with parts very quickly. Rapid injection molds, which are the parts produced using the rapid injection process are used for the creation of prototype parts for design evaluation. While still beneficial in that matter, the rapid injection molds are not usually used as the final product, but it can act as a platform to manufacturing that comes up with parts for production whereas the real production mold is being created. Instead of being the primary production procedure, rapid injection molding serves more as an examination and development process. Rapid injection molding gives us the opportunity to create prototype injection molded pieces in a manufacturing thermoplastic resin within a period of 2-5 weeks.

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The produced molds can be used for full operational and fit evaluation along with test marketing. Using the rubber plaster molding procedure, tools can be molded from designs or patterns fabricated from CNC machining or rapid prototyping. Cast tools are created straight from the database used by the designer with the aid of CNC machined masters or stereolithography (SLA). The casting of injection molds takes place in some aluminum plants. Suitable for most prototypes, the procedure is also a perfect brief or bridge-to-production procedure, since the molds can come up with a significant number of parts. For you to be fruitful with this step of the manufacturing of plastic parts, there are several factors need to be considered carefully. Some of them include:

Design of Tool

The first natural action in all injection molding procedures, along with rapid injection molding process, is tool design. When designing of a particular tool commences, the part creation has already been visualized mentally, so one already has an idea of how it is going to look and operate, at least in theory. The size of a specific part and the complexities of the same part adds up the most to lead period, which needs to be minimized. The simplest way to get better of the challenge of large and complex pieces is compartmentalization, which is all about breaking the big sophisticated parts into smaller ones, which are less intricate and later on merging them in the end.

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Compartmentalization can reduce the time taken between the commencement and completion of the whole production procedure because this method minimizes the chances of engineers spending a lot of time working on a very convoluted part. Now that the big sophisticated part has been reduced into smaller ones, which are less sophisticated, engineers can make good use of the rapid injection molding procedure to machine the pieces.

Material of Part

To take great advantage of the fast reversal period that the rapid injection molding procedure offers, one should bank on making good use of materials that are readily available or can be acquired with ease from a merchant or a top distributor. Spending a considerable amount of time searching for the best material cancels out the idea of rapid injection molding.

To add up, because the molds that are created using the rapid injection molding procedure are usually made only to evaluate frameworks, such as validating the fundamental design, operation, and its ability to recreate the part, the kind of material used can be of less importance. Taking into account that the selected element has characteristics similar to the final expected material, it will work.

In the implausible situation that the similar material as the end product is needed for the rapid injection molding procedure, the material should be acquired while the mold is being processed by the CNC machine to avoid wasting time.

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Analysis of Costs

Reducing the lead period will result to raising the cost of a procedure, and rapid injection molding is of no much difference. A proper evaluation of the additional costs involved in reducing lead period procedures, like extra working hours, material acquisition, production runs, tool machining, tool design, tool machining among others should be accomplished and compared in accordance with the budget. One or any other of these procedures can be arbitrated so as to give a balance between cost and speed.

Rapid injection molding, however, cannot minimize all procedures. Some things will have a similar lead period despite the amount of effort that is put forward or the number of resources available. So, the best one can get using these procedures is making sure that they are accomplished efficiently and no time goes to waste. Being cautious to ensure that all features of the injection molding procedure are carried out smoothly and with no delay will to a greater extent reduce the general lead period and that will ensure your client is completely satisfied.

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Advantages of injection molding

Rapid injection molding, which is commonly used in the production of plastic parts comes with lots of benefits. They include:

Accurate features

Injection molds are exposed to very high pressure. This leads to the plastic inside the molds being pressured harder on the mold in comparison to other molding procedures. The very high pressure gives one an opportunity to add a high number of details into the model of a particular piece. In addition, convoluted and more sophisticated shapes can be produced with the help of the high pressure.

Increased efficiency

After the injection molds have been created to meet the customer's needs and the pressures pre-programmed, the real molding procedure is very fast compared to others used in molding. The plastic injection molding technique rarely takes time, and this gives room for more parts to be produced from one mold. The fast production rates make plastic injection molding more cost-efficient and effective.

Improved strength

You have the option of using fillers on injection molds in the plastic injection molding procedure. The fillers help reduce the density of the plastic when it is being molded and also helps in adding more strength to the part once it has been molded. In sections where parts need to be strong and sturdy, plastic injection has a number of advantages that other molding processes do not offer. Injection molding machines are also able to produce two or more different plastics at the same period.

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In  WayKen, you can enjoy the service of low volume injection molding to help you to create specific material parts  within only 2-5 weeks. Besides, if you take advantage of the high-speed machining, EDM, and wide selection of materials, you will get your complex and intricate parts faster and at a reduced cost. Therefore, rapid injection molding is really economic and efficient.


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