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The Limitations of Low Volume Injection Molding

Wayken provides high-quality and cost-effective rapid tooling and injection molding service for low volume production to reduce design risks.

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Posted on June. 22th, 2020, | By WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

Like all other processes, low volume production with plastic injection molding has its issues.

First of all, manufacturing even aluminum alloy molds are quite expensive and take a little bit longer compared to other prototyping techniques.

Another issue that injection molding requires serious engineering design to prevent any plastic injection molding problems and solutions, which are many and different. This increases the cost of the final part and its modifications.

However, it is still cheaper to spend more money during the design for the manufacturing process rather than make a faulty mold and end up with low-quality parts. Employing experienced manufacturing engineers will help prevent any defects appearing. Then, the additional joints implemented to make the manufacturing of the mold harder. The result of the error in mold joints may be a step defect when the first half of the part is shifted towards the second half.

When Low Volume Injection Molding Can Help You

Low volume plastic parts are in demand in the modern industry that has been transitioning from mass production to customized low volume orders. So, custom appliance parts with specific sizes are a good choice to be manufactured with RIM processes. Apart from that, the requirements for modern products are always increasing so additional tests must often be provided for parts that come in contact with human skin.

It is even more true for medical parts. So, rapid injection molding can help in manufacturing a sample batch for live tests. Other prototypes require crash tests. Such are automotive and drone parts. So, making high-strength prototypes is really useful for such tests. And lastly, the quality of the surface finish after rapid injection molding is so high that after minimal finishing clear optic parts can be achieved.

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