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The Use of Urethane Casting in Automotive Industry

The process of urethane casting is easy to operate, good in mock-up effect and very effective for developing auto interior and exterior parts during prototyping.


Posted on: Nov 6, 2017, | By Vivi, WayKen Project Manager

With the wide application of plastic in the industries, especially in the fields of automotive, telecommunication and medical, plastic products manufacturing has become an important part of the industrial world. This also greatly promoted the rapid prototyping industry, which reduces and shorten the cost and circle of product development. Urethane casting is one of the most important parts of rapid prototyping technology, especially for low volume production. The process easy to operate, mock-up effect is good, which is a very effective way for the development of automotive interior and exterior parts during prototyping stage.

Urethane Casting produces low volume production using silicone molds. To get a project started, we need to make the master patterns first, and patterns can be made by any method, like CNC, SLA or SLS. Then we can make a quick curing silicon mold from the pattern, and be using that mold we can then cast multiple copies in the variety of materials.

Comparing to injection mold and CNC milling, urethane casting has its own advantages:

* The lead time is very short to make a silicon mold, usually it could be done within a week, even a rapid tooling needs to take at least 20-30 days;

*  The cost to make a silicon mold is far less expensive than an injection mold;

*  Effect is good, it could almost get all the features from the mold, nearly no loss of dimensional accuracy;

*  It has no problem to make complicated parts. For CNC milling, the part always needs to split due to the structure or size, urethane casting could keep the integrity of product;

*  You can also place a metal part or another plastic part in the mold, and molded as one part;

*  There is variety selection of material, even they are all polyurethane, but the performance could be similar to ABS, PC, PP, and even heat resistant material.

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