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When Can CNC Machining Services be Useful?

CNC machining services have become a comprehensive method of manufacturing newly designed things for everyone, exceptional efficient and economic.

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Posted on: March 5th, 2019, | By Candy, WayKen Marketing Manager

There is no doubt that CNC machining is the most widespread material processing method in the world. Wood, steel, titanium, plastic, glass, you name it, almost any rigid body can be transformed into a very precise part by the machining methods. Millions of parts are manufactured by chipping material off the initial stock. CNC machining seems a very serious business for manufacturing engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. But what If I told you that China brings CNC machining services to the mass market, easy and available for everyone?

Before let's deeply talk the topic, Wayken will show its advantages of Prototyping Services in China

  • CNC Prototyping
  • Injection Molding
  • Aluminium Tooling
  • Silicone and Rubber Molding
  • SLA and SLS Rapid Prototyping

Besides CNC machining services, Wayken integrate above the rapid prototyping services to create a a lean and intelligent manufacturing solution for our customers from the globe.

What If You Want to Make a Startup?

Startups and crowdfunding financial systems are the most popular and efficient ways for people, who don’t have a lot of money but an idea, to start their own business. A lot of those people can’t discern turning from milling and tolerance from the surface finish. They have a vision of what their product must do but all that technological riff raff is very distant from their reality. Recognize yourself? Well, the common mistake here is that you don’t have any idea how to move the product from a concept to actual engineering design and, even further, how to make it real. The thing is, most modern prototyping centers do not only offer CNC machining services but also help their clients with the design stage. Just give those competent fellows your sketch and consult them on your vision of the ideal product.

And one more thing! Modern manufacturing technologies ( such as additive manufacturing, for example) can help you create rapid prototypes while you are still looking for investors. That way you can show them, how the thing will look like. Sure, maybe it won’t function as expected yet, but it will give the people an idea of what will the result of your work be. It will prove that you are serious and will see the product done till the end.

Let’s Say You Have a Rare Car And Broke a Crankshaft

We have determined that prototyping can be very useful for young starters. Now, let’s imagine a situation. You are an automobile lover and have a really rare car for your country. For example, an old Mustang. Spare parts for your type of car were sold out in the 90s and it turned out that the crankshaft of your Mustang became too worn to support the engine. You can’t buy a spare part or use a similar one, so what do you do? Well, contacting a machine shop is your best call here, I’d say. A lot of manufacturing enterprises have special part repair equipment. For a crankshaft, I’d say, they would grow additional material on the worn surfaces by depositing metal powder and smelting it there by the laser. Afterward, specialized 5-Axis CNC milling will make the newly repaired surfaces meet the precision requirements of the assembly.

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What If You Need a Customized Automobile Snorkel or Something?

Nowadays, individuality is extremely important. People try to differ from others in every aspect of their life. This demand brought about the trend for custom manufactured parts. Basically, it means that each client gets a unique modification of the product. For our auto lover, let’s say that he likes driving in hard places and therefore needs a customized snorkel. Making one for yourself is too hard and long. So, the hobbyist goes to a machine shop to get his pipe. He will most probably have a similar model that serves as a base for his customization. Taking his wishes into account, the machine shop manufactures a unique individual snorkel for the hobbyist to impress his neighbors and peers. Naturally, the same scenario can be used for any other product or assembly.

What If You Already Have the Design?

Now, let’s get back to those people who struggle to bring their idea into reality. Creating a full-fledged manufacturing plant requires an awful lot of money, which the designer may not have. In this case, the first batch of the product can be created by the CNC machining services company. In some cases, it may even be more profitable and simple for the whole manufacturing to be carried out by such a company permanently. For example, labor is much more expensive in the USA, compared to a lot of other capable countries. This is why, a tendency of moving the actual production to other countries, such as China has been prevalent among some large players, such as Apple, for example.

What If You Actually Have Your Own Production After All?

Let’s imagine a troublesome situation. You are now a manufacturer, you have to produce a large batch of parts per year. However, your factory had an accident, oh, let’s say, there was an earthquake (no one was hurt, except for the equipment). It will not be able to work for at least a month. If you don’t meet your quota, you are out of business. Now, what do you do?

The main advantage of different machine shops is their flexibility. They earn their bread by completing a lot of different job per year. So, by providing them with NC programs and the manufacturing technology, you can reanimate your production almost on the same day. Sure, it will cost you more than your own manufacturing, aimed to manufacture this single product for the whole year but it will cover the holes in your schedule. Better to lose some money than all of it, wouldn’t you agree?

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So, Let’s Conclude

CNC machining services have become a comprehensive method of manufacturing newly designed things for everyone. Constant developments in the machine tools and their software make machining cheaper and faster, so it becomes available even for simple consumers without that much of a budget. This does not make those services less useful for professional designers without their own manufacturing equipment or other productions who have encountered some problems in keeping up with their schedule. The main advantage, that Computer Numerical Control brings us is exceptional flexibility that lowers the manufacturing time and, therefore, the costs of the final part.

Wayken can provide excellent CNC machining services for a wide range of industry. At the present stage, our core technologies major in visual design models, full-functional engineering prototypes and low volume production of custom parts, make sure that your final product looks and performs exactly as intended. Welcome to contact with us anytime, if you have any good ideas.


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