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Why Choose WayKen for Rapid Injection Molding?

Firstly we will try to know some info before quoting, such as the mold life, the prefer injection material, the quantity of first batch, and the final quantity.


Posted on: Nov, 6, 2017 | By Kenzi, WayKen Project Manager

Rapid molds also known as rapid tooling has been widely used on a small mass production, as the traditional molds need more than 1 year to make and test, in many cases, those companies that have keen requirement toward the large amount of parts’ test will choose to make a rapid mold to produce parts, so that they can verify their design and do some mechanical and functional test to see whether this design or test criteria is suitable for the mass production parts. Normally for Rapid molds, the quantity varies from 300~3000 or even 10K pieces parts with mold life of 5K~10K, which is different from the traditional molds with quantity of 100K shots and 150K mold life or even longer.


Regarding the prototype injection molding, normally parts with simple structure will be easier to make a rapid mold in short times. When there is inquiry for rapid mold, firstly we will try to know some information before quoting, such as the mold life, the prefer injection material, the quantity of first batch, and the final quantity, after checking the files (CAD file and 2D drawings mark details with tolerance requirement), we will evaluate the proper material for the mold, such as the aluminum mold or steel mold, the common mold material is 50# steel, and then will decide the cavities of the mold. If the parts’ size, mechanical design, shape and material are similar, we will consider a family mold and each part will be one cavity, sometimes if there are 4 parts, and these 4 parts can share a family mold, then will be 1+1+1+1 cavity, see as below table sheet. With family mold, clients can save a large amount of mold cost, only need to pay the cost of 1 mold then will be OK, which is much more cost saved and easier to operate.

In Wayken’s rapid injection molding, the normal lead time of a new mold to T1 samples will need about 30-35 days, after confirm T1 samples and approve to go ahead the injection, the lead time of first batch will be determined by the quantity, then for the next step, just wait to receive your dreaming parts shortly.

There is also a situation that client will ask us to give some constructive suggestions that better for production when quoting, so that they can change some design to make the mold easier to go and parts easier to remove from the mold. For example, for the part thickness if it is too thick, we will suggest client to make it thinner, or when parts come out from the mold, the part with too thick thickness will become shrinkage, but some client will think that will be OK, then we will need a limit sample of this shrinkage for future mass production the quality check.


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