Low-Volume Manufacturing
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  • Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Some product’s success pivots on how quickly you can get to market. When time is critical, WayKens’ CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting and Rapid Tooling technologies can create fast low-volume production of your product. These technologies offer virtually every engineering material including thermoplastic ,aluminum and metal, advanced urethane. They can be used as a bridge to tooling and molding or can be used in market studies for new design iterations.


Low volume production runs from WayKen allow manufacturers in automotive, medical or healthcare to produce high-quality products at a cheap cost, and thus can deliver products earlier than planned, from prototyping process to manufacturing, can do design modification without any cost with tooling modification. Some products’ success depends on how quickly you can get to market. When time is critical, WayKens’ CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting and various technologies can provide fast low volume manufacturing for your product. These technologies including thermoplastic, aluminum and advanced formula polymers that help manufacture real models fast and good. This is the bridge to link rapid tooling and hard molding together.

Rapid prototyping productions are best for testing the fitting features, traditional molds will need months before tools are ready, low volume production, however, enables you to receive parts quickly and non-expensive, We provide low volume injection molding and rapid tooling to create your pre-sale parts in as little as 2-3 weeks. Our team uses appropriate materials and advanced technologies to create rapid manufacturing. By providing injection molding and rapid tooling together, you get short run manufacturing prototypes in a early time that you never expected before as traditional tooling manufacturing time.


  • Shipping products when tooling is delayed
  • Producing high-quality low volume products
  • Accelerating the delivery of product review
  • Producing customized products
  • First-to-market prototype to production

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