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Precision CNC Turning Services

Precision Turning industry allows the production of numerous small- medium- and large-sized parts from machining industry that are delivered the globe.

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Precision turning feature

Posted on: May. 21th, 2019 | By Candy, WayKen Marketing Manager

First of all, there is need to understand what exactly precision turning is before diving deep into the details. Precision turning is removal of extra material from a job to reduce its size and convert its size into desired dimensions so as to it can fit in where we need. So, basically it involves cutting of extra material to get desired material shape.

Precision Machining Processes before Invention of CNC

In early days before the invention of CNC machines, workers still manage to get precision in machining processes like  tapering, turning, cutting, drilling etc. To achieve high level of accuracy they also use different conventional tools like blades, see-saws, hammers etc. but that processes took more labor and more time as well. As the technology advances so as the techniques which also increase the degree of accuracy. Now, we can perform precision machining processes on many materials like wood, metal, plastic etc.

Advanatges of Precision CNC Machining

CNC is a new innovation in precision machining process because it can do various high precision processes at same time i.e. precision turning. It has featured small numerical computer which is programmed according to the requirements and then machine do all the processes according to the program fed back to the computer. A special technician and operator are required to smoothly and safely run the machine.In our daily life, CNC almunium happens in most of factories everyday. As compared to conventional machining processes there are many advantaged associated with CNC machines and few of them are listed as belows:

Precision turning-2

High Precision and Accuracy – Product extremely accurate and precise parts in less time.

Time Saving – Very time saving process as compared to conventional machining processes

Cost Saving – Low cast because of less labor and less resources.

Safety – As you don’t have to interact with machines so its very safe as compared to previous machining processes. And in CNC machine you just have to feed program in the computer and rest of the work is for machine.

High Precision Turning with CNC

First thing is to define what is CNC turning? CNC turning is a process of manufacturing detailed turned parts with the help of lathe. CNC turning is highly skilled engineering machine process to create and manufacturing more detailed parts for different purposes. The basic methodology is same as used in conventional lathe but in CNC lathe is controlled by computer everything is controlled i.e. speed of motor, cutting tool speed and there is no chance of mistake.

Using modern CNC Turning lathe and CNC components very minute details can be crafted on required job with very low tolerances. The lathe is all controlled by computer program which keeps track of every machining process on job.

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Difference between CNC Turning and CNC Milling

CNC milling and CNC turning both allow user to create high precision custom machined parts that involves very minute details and do work on that job with high precision.

In CNC milling user has to set and feed program in the computer and then set it to run. The spindle then rotates along the axis and precisely cut extra material by doing precision turning to create turned parts. With computer programming you can make precise and sharp cuts.

precision turning-7

While CNC Turning uses computer-controlled machines to form a special final product. The method uses a single-point cutting tool that is mounted parallel to the job to remove chips. The tool is revolved at dynamic speeds and also the tool cutting traverses to form cylindrical cuts with actual measurements. It’s do not produce circular or hollow shapes from larger material items. It is an automatic method and speeds will be changes for larger accuracy instead of turning a shaper by hand.

Which Parts Needs High Precision Turning?

There is no doubt that CNC turning and CNC milling are both different processes and in the end both end up with different results. CNC centers are best for short volume production and mainly for those prototypes which are above 0.25D while turning centers can work for prototypes above 0.25 D. They all need to to be checked individually according to part product and it will definitely impact price of parts. If you need some parts to be manufactured and you don’t know which method is to be used CNC milling or CNC turning then you should go with second opinion.

The High precision CNC turning parts or custom parts have high demand in almost all industries including automotive industry, biomedical industry, aeronautics, instrumentation, robotics and many other industries.

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Ultra Precision Machining: a new innovation

Ultra precision machining is a new innovation in precision machining in which machine can do precise machining at micro level. The ultra-precision CNC machine was originally develop to do precise machining of metal optic with very low tolerance. During the last few years diamond cutting tools, machining processes and work piece materials are reached to higher degree of flexibility due to new advancements.

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Finish hard turning

Finish hard turning is a single point cutting of hardened materials whose hardness range between 54 and 67 HRC within 2 micron range. Its simple very good and reliable technology in grinding technology. Finish hard turning offers very significant advantages over conventional cylindrical grinding.

Cost saving – It performs multiple tasks in one-setup that is done on other machines and ultimately saves cost.

Low Tolerances – This process produce parts with very low tolerance.

High Production – It creates parts in less time as compared to conventional methods so ultimately results in higher production.

Flexibility – In finish hard turning different parts of different contours and sizes can be produced. This provides more flexibility in production.

Environmental Friendly – Hard turning is a refined and dry process results in environment friendly process.


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