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Posted on: Oct 24, 2017,  | By Dorothy, WayKen Marketin […]

WAYKEN-Product Development Prototyping

Posted on: Oct 24, 2017,  | By Dorothy, WayKen Marketing Manager

VR, a hot technology in the industrial field, has set off a revolution. Currently it plays an important role in the fields of medicine, aerospace, ship and automobile. In the automotive field, engineers use VR technology for design, simulation, and even virtual assembly, greatly shorten the design cycle, improved the market response-ability. However, does this mean that the use of traditional CNC and other mechanical ways which making prototypes is no longer an option for designer product development?

The answer is No!

Although VR technology can provide unprecedented real experience, and reduce the development cycle and cost, the physical prototype is still necessary. In simple terms, any product before listing must pass the batch of materials and quality testing, and then get the corresponding test report. This kind of test must be done through physicals. I'm sure you're not going to drive a car that starts mass production only through a virtual test.

At the stage of product development, engineers have to make models one by one according to different design alternatives. There are many options, such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and silicone molds and rapid tooling. They can provide prototypes according to different product testing requirements.

In addition, any product in the development stage must be assessed its processing cycle and manufacturing costs, which can be achieved through prototype manufacturing. For example, engineers can produce small batches of products through rapid aluminum molds for testing or early market launch. The real material and the real structure will give customers the best experience. Rapid response time, reasonable and true assessment of the cost and benefits.


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